About fastator

We are Sweden’s only listed investment company specialised in the real estate sector.

Our business is to build value through co-ownership in small and medium sized  real estate-centric companies. Through active ownership, capital, real estate expertise, a strong network and skills in financing issues we are part of the development in each phase. As the only listed investment firm focusing on real estate-centric companies, we give share holders a unique access to the sector as an investment. Our portfolio consists of traditional real estate companies as well as services and new digital solutions. We give Investors the opportunity to be exposed to several segments within the real estate business.

Our holding generally amounts to a minimum of 10 per cent and a maximum of 50 per cent. As a rule, we invest at least MSEK 50 in each investment. Fastator’s portfolio encompasses over several property sectors and geographic markets, and we invest in both listed and unlisted companies.

is to be the market’s leading real estate-centric investment company.

OUR BUSINESS CONCEPT is to invest our capital and expertise in real estate-centric companies in which we become an active owner that contributes to long-term appreciation in value.

OUR FINANCIAL TARGET is a 20% return on equity within five years.

Key figures Q3 2019
ProfitMSEK 520,0(MSEK 320,1)
Earnings per share after dilutionSEK 34,7(SEK 22,7)
Net asset valueMSEK 1476,0 (MSEK 915,4)
Net asset value per share after dilutionSEK 98,9(SEK 65,3)
Return on equity44,7% (43,1%)