About Fastator

Fastator's history

The basis of Fastator was laid in 2011 by entrepreneurs Joachim Kuylenstierna and Mats Lundberg, both with long experience in building and leading successful companies in the real estate sector. Since then, Fastator gradually transformed and is today a purely investment company where all assets are located in different holding companies.

September 2021   Fastator listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Main Marked, Mid Cap

February 2021  Knut Pousette takes over as Fastator's CEO.

December 2020 Fastator sell their shares in Offentliga Hus to SBB.

October 2020 Offentliga Hus listed on Nasdaq First North Premier on October 23, 2020.

May 2019 Fastator establishes Point Properties.

September 2018 Fastator acquires the remaining shares in Portvakten Industrifastigheter AB and becomes the sole owner, the company is renamed Industrisamhället Fastigheter AB.

July 2018 Studentbostäder i Sverige AB is established with Offentliga Hus , SBB and Amasten as owners.

June 2017 Fastator's largest holding company Offentliga Hus plans to list an IPO within 12-18 months.

October 2017 Fastator acquires 50% of The Gatekeeper Industrifastigheter AB.

January 2017 Joachim Kuylenstierna takes over as Fastator's acting CEO.

August 2016 Fastator acquires Nordic PM.

June 2016 Fastator divests its last directly owned real estate holding and thus completes the conversion into a pure investment company.

December 2015  Fastator sells 50 percent of the shares in Konkret Fastighetsutveckling i Nacka AB to Genova Property Group and form the joint company GenovaFastator Holding AB.

December 2015  Daniel Hummel takes over as new CEO.

November 2015  Fastator divests Rehact AB.

September 2015  Fastator enters Nasdaq First North Stockholm through a reverse acquisition of the energy technology company Rehact AB.

April 2015 Fastator concludes agreement with Landera AB and form a new joint venture – Konland AB.

2014  Fastator sells 50 percent of the shares in Offentliga Hus in Norden AB to Aerium (Cadogan Investments SA).

2011  Fastator is founded by some members of the sitting Board of Directors. The company acquires 100 percent of the shares in Offentliga Hus in Norden AB and 100 percent of the shares in Konkret Fastighetsutveckling i Sverige AB.