Image: Torleif Svensson

Offentliga Hus acquires and develops real estate and spaces to be rented to the public sector.
Focus is on long-term ownership and active property management, making the company an attractive business partner for municipalities and county councils in need of efficient community premises. The company has a wide contact network in the public sector through its Board of Directors and a long record of active property management.
Fastator owns 50 per cent of Offentliga Hus, which is one of Fastator’s active investments. Offentliga Hus’s real estate portfolio consists of community properties in half of all the Swedish municipalities.
In June 2017, it was that announced that Offentliga Hus is being preparing for an IPO.

CEO of Offentliga Hus is Fredrik Brodin.

financial overview 2019

Fastator's holding50%
Year of investment2011
Profit165,5 MSEK (554,6)
Property value7 192,8 MSEK (3 915,1)