our offering


Unique access to the real estate sector as investment object

We believe in continued strong growth in the sector over time, and can allocate capital to several underlying investments – from traditional property companies to new niche digital services in the real estate industry. The best prerequisites for sharing in the sector’s appreciation in value as a whole is attained through a mix of assets in different property-related sectors.


Highest possible returns – and SOUND risk diversification

Since market conditions for the real estate sector are in a state of perpetual change, we can choose investments that are most suitable at the time. This raises the potential for return to a level that would not otherwise have been possible. Through a broad portfolio of investments, we spread the risks and protect the entire invested amount should the performance of any underlying investments prove less than satisfactory. Investors get a wider distribution of credit risk, without having to compromise on yield potential.



A strong, long-term partnership for entrepreneurs 

Fastator offers entrepreneurs and real estate owners a long-term partnership by offering expertise in real estate, finances and funding. We contribute to realising innovative real estate-related projects and often fill the gap between the bank and the company’s own funding.