About Fastator


Knut Pousette


Born: 1972

Knut has extensive experience from heavy positions in the real estate industry, including the role of CEO of the real estate group Kvalitena and through board assignments in, among others, listed Stendörren Fastigheter AB and D. Carnegie Co AB. In addition, Knut has many years of experience from volunteer work in schools, including as chairman and founder of Campus Manilla as well as Ebba Brahe school.

Shares held in the company: 416 015 shares, 800 000 warrants in the parent company and 70 000 in subsidiaries.

Svante Bengtsson

Vice President

Born: 1971

Svante started at Fastator 2016 as CFO and vice president since 2017. Svante has previously been CEO of Mistral Energi AB, with operations in energy efficiency of properties. Prior to that, he was CEO for seven years of the internationally award-winning listed cleantech company Rehact AB, which in September 2015 was acquired by Fastator . Svante was previously a board member of Offentliga Hus norden AB.

Shares held in the company: 1 ,113,555 shares, 400,000 warrants in the parent company and 60,000 in subsidiaries.

Christopher Strömbäck


Born: 1981

Christoffer is coming most recently from JLL Capital Markets and has previously worked at Swedbank Corporate Finance. Christoffer has been a financial advisor on a large number of IPOs, rights issues and public bids on the Swedish real estate market during the last 13 years.

Shares held in the company: 152 320 shares, 400 000 warrants in the parent company and 50 000 in subsidiaries.

Joachim Kuylenstierna

Business Developer

Born: 1969

Holdings of shares in the company: 21,552,785 shares through companies, 400,000 warrants in the Parent Company and 50,000 in subsidiaries.