About Fastator

Why Fastator is a good investment

1. We see what others overlook

Holistic view of the real estate market without limitation to a particular region or sector. Based on societal needs and finding growth opportunities that can define completely new segments.

2. Growth in focus

Assessment of growth potential most important in investment decisions. We demand stable rental income and clear development potential – which we strive to look after.

3. Large and extensive network of contacts

Our extensive network is one of our most important assets that we nurture and continue to expand. Constant dialogue with stakeholders and competences gives us a unique opportunity to see trends and needs in society.

4. Holdings with great potential

We invest in niches with great growth potential. Most are public and commercial properties outside the metropolitan regions of southern and central Sweden.

5. Excellent track record

We develop our holdings through active ownership, adding capital, financing knowledge, business development support and network of contacts. Fastator was founded in 2011 with SEK 35 million in net asset value and has in nine years increased the value to SEK 1.7 billion.

6. Flexible financing and exit model

We create shareholder value by assessing the holdings from a value-creating perspective and investments through partnerships. We do not have a pronounced exit strategy, but continuously evaluate our portfolio.

7. Solid financial position

Fastator have a solid financial position with a large cash and stable cash flows. The company is well positioned to make new value-creating investments.

8. We develop Sweden

We see stable development for real estate centric businesses that will benefit a sustainable future. We are investing in the viable Sweden outside the metropolitan areas and are involved in developing Sweden.

9. Experienced management

Behind Fastator is Sweden's most experienced real estate and finance profiles. We have extensive experience and broad expertise. A success factor is the responsiveness and innovative power of employees.

10. Knowledgeable board with unique breadth

Fastator's board has a unique breadth and represents both real estate and financing knowledge as well as experience in leading and developing activities that benefit society.