business model

We allocate capital where it creates the most value

Our investors inject capital through shares, bonds and hybrid securities. Fastator is an effective funding engine that injects capital in holding companies where it is believed that the capital will generate the greatest value over time. Our holding companies own underlying assets within a series of real estate-related sectors. Fastator’s returns are generated via interest, dividends and capital gains from its holding companies.




As an investment Company, we are alone in the specific niche of real estate-related holdings in Sweden

Our role is to be an active owner. Our ambition is to advance our position via various financial instruments in a portfolio that encompasses several sectors and geographic areas. Fastator takes a highly flexible approach to such factors as sectors, geography, size and listed/unlisted. As an investment company, we have no pronounced horizon for our ownership as opposed to venture capital companies and funds. Moreover, in contrast to many funds, we have the option of becoming a partner in new, more small-scale projects driven by entrepreneurs.