About Fastator

Our business model

External analysis - from macro to micro

• Based on trends and needs, Fastator real estate segments with growth opportunities.
• We have ongoing dialogue with our extensive network.
• We start operations with short lead times – from identified needs to active operations.

Establishment and initial investment

• The growth potential is crucial for us – not geographical area or a particular real estate segment.
• Sweden is more than metropolitan areas and we want to make these areas live and develop.
• Fastator is not only an investment company, we are involved in developing Sweden.

Expansion through partnerships

• We exercise active ownership through capital and financing knowledge, business development support and our extensive network.
• We offer partners to invest financially or to be active with operational roles in our companies to contribute to the companies' future growth.
• The goal is for companies to grow faster through partnerships than what would have been possible on their own.

Maturity phase and market leadership

• Development and strong growth focus is followed by the fact that the business we have invested in is entering a maturity phase where we set new goals for market leadership.
• We do not have a pronounced exit strategy, we continuously evaluate our portfolio.