Completion of notice to attend the Annual General Meeting

The shareholders of REHACT AB have already called a general meeting on May 29 at 4 p.m. at the company's premises at Norrtullsgatan 6, 6tr. The notice is supplemented by the following proposals for resolutions. The proposals are supported by shareholders with a total of just over 65% of the votes in the company.

Item 9 — Number of members and auditors

Number of members of the Board of Directors

In total, it is proposed to elect four (4) ordinary members to the Board of Directors. A total of zero (0) deputies are proposed.

Number of auditors

In total, it is proposed to elect one (1) auditor.

Item 10 — Remuneration to the Board of Directors and auditors

The following board fees are proposed:

Chairman: 2 price base amounts

Full member: 1 price base amount

A price base amount in 2013 is: SEK 44,500.

If in any particular case the company gives an individual board member an assignment for the company in addition to ordinary board work and committee work, the Board of Directors shall decide on the remuneration, which shall be market-based and reasonable.

The Member of the Board may, by special agreement with the company, invoice the board fee, together with social security contributions and VAT by law, through a company owned by the board member, provided that such payment becomes cost-neutral for the company.

Fees to auditor:

The auditor is proposed to be replaced on an ongoing basis.

Item 11 – Election of members of the Board of Directors and auditor

REHACT AB, whose operations have so far focused primarily on the development and introduction of systems for sustainable energy efficiency, now plans to increase its focus on expansive international markets. Developments in Poland in particular, where EU support for the environmental and energy sectors has so far amounted to more than SEK 100 billion, place new operational requirements on the company's management. It is against this background that the main owners of REHACT AB now choose to nominate the following persons, as described later in this press release, to the Board of Directors of REHACT AB:

Proposal for election of the President

Nicole Norrestad, new election

Proposal for election of full members

Svante Bengtsson, re-election

Erik Branting, new election

Johan Gorecki, new election

Proposal for election of auditor

Proposed new election of the authorized accounting firm BDO Mälardalen AB. BDO Mälardalen AB intends to appoint authorised public accountant Jörgen Lövgrenas auditor in charge. Jörgen Lövgren is active as an auditor in several listed companies on both NASDAQ OMX small cap, First North and Aktietorget. BDO International is considered the world's fifth largest audit and advisory organisation.

Presentation of proposals for new board members

Nicole Norrestad, proposed as Chairman of the Board

Nicole Norrestad, Jur.kand., is Senior Compliance Manager at the consulting company Financial Group AB where she works with regulations, control, risk management, advice and outsourcing for financial companies. Prior to that, she was Compliance Officer at Crescore and Head of Compliance at the financial company Collector, which among other things offers the products sales and corporate financing. The work included the development of steering documents, reporting tools, activity and action plans, as well as the implementation of controls and training in the business. Nicole Norrestad also has a broad and extensive business law experience as a corporate lawyer in several companies, both national and international.

Erik Branting, proposed as a full member

Erik Branting, PhD. at Stockholm University with a focus on business administration, has lived and worked in Poland for many years, where he owns and operates the consulting company EBRA Ltd in Warsaw with a focus on business advice, sales (Business to Business), manufacturing and development projects and marketing. He was previously CEO of Ojega Polska Ltd, which sells interior design to offices and warehouses and which is part of the Swedish group AJ Produkter AB. In parallel, he was a board member of the production company AJ Furniture Factory and actively involved in new construction and machine investments. Erik Branting has also been deputy CEO and board member of New Europe Business Services S.A. in Poland. In his previous work at Grant Thornton in Stockholm, he was auditor in charge of auditing companies in the construction sector, among others.

Johan Gorecki, proposed as a full member

Johan Gorecki, educated in economics at Hull University, works as Business Area Manager at Bonnier Publishing AB. In 2003 he founded globe forum, a visionary marketplace for sustainable innovators, entrepreneurs and investors with operations in several European countries, and was CEO of the company until the bankruptcy in 2012. Globe Forum lives on, now as part of the Bonnier Group.

Johan Gorecki is also the co-author of the book "Sustainagility – How Smart Innovation and Agile companies Will Help Protect Our Future". The book describes the enormous changes and business opportunities that arise as the transition to a more sustainable society is driven step by step.

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