Interim report Q1 2016

25 May 2016

Financially, the company can look back on a strong quarter: profit for the period was MSEK 35.0 (33.9) and the return on equity grew from 7.6% in the year-earlier period to 19.6%. In addition, Fastator’s net asset value increased substantially and now amounts to MSEK 472.5 (339.6).

The strong financial result is proof that our business model works. When the company now enters the second quarter, it has an attractive offering to present to investors and the capital market. Fastator’s current holdings report strong value growth and the focus during the coming months will continue to be on evaluating attractive acquisition opportunities that offer healthy return potential. As a result of the strong demand for Fastator’s services, the company is now focusing additionally on capital procurement:

“We have a business that we firmly believe in and we see that demand for our services is increasing among entrepreneurs and property owners throughout Sweden. In the future, we will work even more intensively to strengthen our capital base,” says Daniel Hummel, CEO of Fastator.

Fastator’s report on the first quarter of 2016 is available on the company’s website and is published in Swedish and English.

The quarter January – March

Profit for the period                                       MSEK 35.0 (33.9)
Earnings per share after dilution                   SEK 2.49 (2.71)
Return on equity                                           19.6% (7.6)
Net asset value                                             MSEK 472.5 (339.6)
Net asset value per share after dilution        SEK 33.57 (28.30)

For more information, please contact:  

Daniel Hummel, CEO
+46 (0) 70 661 24 29

Erika Kveldstad, CFO
+46 (0)70 339 99 99


Fastator Interim report Q1 2016